About NHMF

music in the mountains2Classical music in the heart of New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Music Festival is a summer festival that honors the tradition of classical music while exploring new artistic paths. Our organization offers patrons an engaging, immersive festival experience by presenting world-class performances of symphonic, choral and chamber music. Strong collaborations with community partners are a hallmark of this important cultural institution, enabling transformative music experiences and educational programs to students of all ages.

For nearly 20 years, the Festival has been in residence at Plymouth State University at the Silver Center for the Arts.

The festival was founded in 1952 as a small chamber orchestra performing on Melody Island in Lake Winnipesaukee and has grown to be a highly-valued community asset. Every summer during July and August, musicians from around the country come to Plymouth to perform well-known classics and contemporary works.

Number of individuals benefitting from NHMF’s activities during the year: 19,344
Number of musicians participating: 200
Number of communities benefitting from NHMF activities: 60
Number of students benefitting from NHMF activities: 3,144
(2014 season statistics)


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